About the Journal

Joutica : Journal of Informatic Unisla is published by Litbang Pemas Universitas Islam Lamongan. Joutica : Journal of Informatic Unisla aimed to be a peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information on informatics studies. The scope of Joutica is analytical, objective, empirical, and contributive literature on the dynamics and development of informatics studies, specifically in Indonesia.

Joutica  includes research in the field of Information Technology, Information Systems Engineering, Intelligent Business Systems, and others. Editors invite research lecturers, the reviewer, practitioners, industry, and observers to contribute to this journal. The language used in English.

Joutica is a national scientific journals are open to seeking innovation, creativity and novelty. Either letters, research notes, articles, supplemental articles, or review articles. Joutica aims to achieve state-of-the-art in theory and application of this field.  Joutica provide platform for scientists and academics across Indonesia to promote, share, and discuss new issues and the development of information systems and information technology. Joutica comes out two times a year in March and September.