Sustainable Transformation In the Construction Industry: Reducing Environmental Impact and Enhancing Cost Performance through Waste Utilization and Lean Construction


  • Toni Yuri Prastowo Universitas Borobudur



Construction Industry, Cost Performance, High-Rise Buildings, Lean Construction, Sustainable Construction, Value Engineering, Waste Utilization


This research aims to improve cost performance and reduce environmental damage in the construction industry in Indonesia through the implementation of value engineering and lean construction methods. Through a case study on high-rise building construction, the research findings reveal that utilizing concrete waste as a substitute for formwork and applying lean construction practices can achieve cost savings of 55.83% compared to the initial plans. Furthermore, this approach provides additional benefits such as increased construction efficiency, utilization of more sustainable resources, and enhanced corporate reputation in terms of environmentally-friendly practices. The results of this research contribute to achieving zero waste in the construction industry, improving cost performance, and actively participating in global environmental conservation efforts. Moreover, the study has the potential to enhance the sustainability of the construction industry in Indonesia and provide long-term positive benefits.


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