Rancang Bangun Sistem Deteksi Kebakaran Gedung di Universitas Islam Lamongan Berbasis Mikrokontroller Menggunakan Radio Frekuensi


  • Affan Bachri Teknik Elektro Universitas ISlam Lamongan




Smoke detector, LM35, RF, Mikrokontroller Atmega328


The process of firing is always unpredictable and predicted in advance. When it comes, what causes it, the level of coverage and how much impact it causes, are things that cannot be predicted by human capabilities. The design of a fire safety system that aims to improve the safety and comfort of occupants in the building. The analysis carried out is to measure and record temperature and conduct a series of several experiments. Temperature is equipped with Celsius (C) units and smoke uses PPM units (parts per million). By working, the smoke sensor and temperature will detect itself and work properly. And this is to avoid any errors caused by rising temperatures due to sunlight or smoke from cigarettes. If the LM35 temperature sensor reaches 40 C then the temperature will detect and the buzzer will sound the LED will be wrong and the LCD 2x16 will display "CAUTION THERE'S ASAP". If Smoke reaches from 600 upwards the smoke sensor will detect and the buzzer will sound, the LED light will light up then on LCD 2x16 will display "CAUTION THERE IS FIRE"


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